Family Photos || Attlas Zachary

I LOVE being a mom! It's been so much fun to see this little guy grow and see our family get into the "groove" of things. Getting used to some sleepless feeling nights, to getting the hang of a routine and then Attlas goes through a growth spurt and we're back to square one!

 But seriously, I didn't realize that I could fall even MORE in love with Zac. But seeing him be a dad to our little Attlas has been so incredible. He loves to play with him and cuddle him and just hang out. I love watching their bond grow. And I cannot wait to see the adventures they will go on together!

Attlas is now 6 months old and its made me really reminisce about his birth *sigh* but that is a whole 'notha post (which, yes, I will be making VERY soon!) But these two boys have each made me feel so much love and have given me purpose. I aspire to be the best me I can be for my guys!

Plus, just look at them, can they be any more handsome?? I just love my little family!

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